Privilege G

A ticket awarded to a warrior who's challenged G-rank Quests. If you give it to the Smithy...

Rare 9 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 0z

Horn Coin Trade
x8 Privilege G

Great Sword Viking Hornsword LV1 x1
Switch Axe Inceadeus LV1 x1
Dual Blades Hot Spring Slicers LV8 x1
Dual Blades Boozy Beers LV6 x1
Dual Blades Most Toastiest Mittens LV6 x1
Dual Blades Heavenly Dango LV6 x1
Dual Blades Blistering Hot Dango LV5 x1
Dual Blades Demon Dango LV5 x1
Dual Blades Savortooths LV6 x1
Dual Blades Chum-Chum Scarecrows LV5 x1
Dual Blades Discovery Spikes LV4 x2
Charge Blade Ominous Puss LV6 x1
Charge Blade Discovery Blade LV4 x2
Charge Blade Scotch Bonnet Axe LV3 x1
Insect Glaive Filth Abolisher LV6 x1
Insect Glaive Magia Finale LV7 x1
Insect Glaive Prime Garia LV5 x1
Insect Glaive Meownster Masher LV6 x1
Insect Glaive Discovery Glaive LV4 x2
Hunting Horn Hot Spring Horn LV8 x1
Hunting Horn Divine Carillon LV6 x1
Hunting Horn Artisanal Frog LV6 x1
Hunting Horn Aria Rhota LV6 x1
Hunting Horn Turban Shell LV6 x1
Hunting Horn Fiddlehead Fan LV6 x1
Hunting Horn Mycotoxic Fungasax LV7 x1
Hunting Horn Gossamer Cornupion LV7 x1
Heavy Bowgun Hot Spring Cannon LV8 x1
Heavy Bowgun Bibidi Babidi Boom LV5 x1
Heavy Bowgun Discovery Cannon LV4 x2
Light Bowgun Hot Spring Shooter LV8 x1
Light Bowgun Floral Elegance LV6 x1
Light Bowgun Springnight Finshot LV6 x1
Light Bowgun Master Kettleblower LV5 x1
Light Bowgun Discovery Shooter LV4 x2
Long Sword Hot Spring War Sword LV8 x1
Long Sword Moofah Dreamdasher LV6 x1
Long Sword Discovery Saber LV4 x2
Long Sword Purre Catatonia LV3 x1
Great Sword Hot Spring Edge LV8 x1
Great Sword Scarlet Parasol LV5 x2
Great Sword Discovery Great Sword LV4 x2
Great Sword Doughminator LV3 x1
Sword & Shield Chalcamine Sword LV8 x1
Sword & Shield Hot Spring Hatchet LV8 x1
Sword & Shield Sound Asleep Moofah LV6 x1
Sword & Shield Discovery Sword LV4 x2
Sword & Shield Insignia Dagger LV2 x1
Hammer Hyper Nova LV8 x2
Hammer Hot Spring Impact LV8 x1
Hammer Dreamy Bear LV5 x1
Hammer Toxic Cactus LV6 x1
Hammer Magic Pumpking LV7 x1
Hammer Deep-Sea Anchor LV5 x1
Hammer Tanzia Memories LV5 x1
Hammer Joy of Harth LV4 x2
Hammer Gargegg Hammer LV6 x1
Lance Hot Spring Stinger LV8 x1
Lance Decisive Battle Lance LV6 x2
Lance Discovery Lance LV4 x2
Lance Nutty Gorgonzolance LV3 x1
Bow Hot Spring Bow LV8 x1
Bow Bamboo Okina LV7 x2
Bow Chaotic Thrall LV7 x1
Bow Hoodwynk LV8 x1
Bow Discovery Bow LV4 x2
Bow Kayachacha Slinger LV2 x1
Switch Axe Hot Spring Axe LV8 x1
Switch Axe Axledge Icerunner LV6 x1
Switch Axe Felyne Fatality LV6 x1
Switch Axe Discovery Axe LV4 x2
Switch Axe Gorgonzola Piccante LV3 x1
Gunlance Hot Spring Burst LV8 x1
Gunlance Dreamlance LV7 x1
Gunlance Discovery Gunlance LV4 x2
Gunlance Sirloin Gunlance LV2 x1
Chrome Metal Coil X LV1 Key x1
Chrome Metal Boots X LV1 Key x1
Chrome Metal Coat X LV1 Key x1
Chrome Metal Feet X LV1 Key x1
Ace Headgear X LV1 x1
Ace Mail X LV1 x1
Ace Vambraces X LV1 x1
Ace Faulds X LV1 x1
Ace Greaves X LV1 x1
Ace Mask X LV1 x1
Ace Vest X LV1 x1
Ace Guards X LV1 x1
Ace Coat X LV1 x1
Ace Leggings X LV1 x1
Sororal Headgear X LV1 x1
Sororal Mail X LV1 x1
Sororal Vambraces X LV1 x1
Sororal Faulds X LV1 x1
Sororal Greaves X LV1 x1
Sororal Mask X LV1 x1
Sororal Vest X LV1 x1
Sororal Guards X LV1 x1
Sororal Coat X LV1 x1
Sororal Leggings X LV1 x1
Wisdom Headgear X LV1 Key x1
Wisdom Suit X LV1 Key x1
Wisdom Sleeves X LV1 Key x1
Wisdom Coil X LV1 Key x1
Wisdom Boots X LV1 Key x1
Wisdom Hat X LV1 Key x1
Wisdom Vest X LV1 Key x1
Wisdom Cuffs X LV1 Key x1
Wisdom Coat X LV1 Key x1
Wisdom Feet X LV1 Key x1
Caravaneer's Armlets X LV1 Key x1
Melahoa Hat X LV7 x1
Melahoa Jacket X LV7 x1
Melahoa Branch X LV7 x1
Melahoa Folia X LV7 x1
Melahoa Roots X LV7 x1
Melahoa Bloom X LV7 x1
Melahoa Stalk X LV7 x1
Melahoa Petal X LV7 x1
Melahoa Trunk X LV7 x1
Melahoa Taproot X LV7 x1
Makluva Hood X LV7 x1
Makluva Cover X LV7 x1
Makluva Sleeves X LV7 x1
Makluva Coil X LV7 x1
Makluva Pants X LV7 x1
Makluva Gills X LV7 x1
Makluva Scale X LV7 x1
Makluva Sucker X LV7 x1
Makluva Fin X LV7 x1
Makluva Leggings X LV7 x1
Obituary Vertex X LV7 x1
Obituary Thorax X LV7 x1
Obituary Brachia X LV7 x1
Obituary Elytra X LV7 x1
Obituary Crura X LV7 x1
Obituary Clypeus X LV7 x1
Obituary Pleuron X LV7 x1
Obituary Manus X LV7 x1
Obituary Alae X LV7 x1
Obituary Tarsi X LV7 x1
Butterfly Vertex X LV7 x1
Butterfly Thorax X LV7 x1
Butterfly Brachia X LV7 x1
Butterfly Elytra X LV7 x1
Butterfly Crura X LV7 x1
Butterfly Clypeus X LV7 x1
Butterfly Pleuron X LV7 x1
Butterfly Manus X LV7 x1
Butterfly Alae X LV7 x1
Butterfly Tarsi X LV7 x1
Skalda Vertex X LV7 x1
Skalda Thorax X LV7 x1
Skalda Brachia X LV7 x1
Skalda Elytra X LV7 x1
Skalda Crura X LV7 x1
Skalda Clypeus X LV7 x1
Skalda Pleuron X LV7 x1
Skalda Manus X LV7 x1
Skalda Alae X LV7 x1
Skalda Tarsi X LV7 x1
Spio Vertex X LV7 x1
Spio Thorax X LV7 x1
Spio Brachia X LV7 x1
Spio Elytra X LV7 x1
Spio Crura X LV7 x1
Spio Clypeus X LV7 x1
Spio Pleuron X LV7 x1
Spio Manus X LV7 x1
Spio Alae X LV7 x1
Spio Tarsi X LV7 x1
Derring Helm X LV7 x1
Derring Mail X LV7 x1
Derring Vambraces X LV7 x1
Derring Faulds X LV7 x1
Derring Greaves X LV7 x1
Derring Cap X LV7 x1
Derring Vest X LV7 x1
Derring Guards X LV7 x1
Derring Coat X LV7 x1
Derring Leggings X LV7 x1
Maiden's Hat X LV7 x1
Maiden's Suit X LV7 x1
Maiden's Gloves X LV7 x1
Maiden's Skirt X LV7 x1
Maiden's Socks X LV7 x1
French Maid Glasses X LV7 x1
French Maid Vest X LV7 x1
French Maid Sleeves X LV7 x1
French Maid Frills X LV7 x1
French Maid Tights X LV7 x1
Dianthus Masacap LV7 x1
Dianthus Masajacket LV7 x1
Dianthus Masasleeves LV7 x1
Dianthus Masaskirt LV7 x1
Dianthus Masapants LV7 x1
Campanile Masacap LV7 x1
Campanile Masajacket LV7 x1
Campanile Masasleeves LV7 x1
Campanile Masaskirt LV7 x1
Campanile Masapants LV7 x1
Black Head X LV5 x1
Black Hide X LV5 x1
Black Claw X LV5 x1
Black Spine X LV5 x1
Black Feet X LV5 x1
Black Face X LV5 x1
Black Skin X LV5 x1
Black Fist X LV5 x1
Black Scale X LV5 x1
Black Legs X LV5 x1

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