A ticket awarded to one adept in Hunting Arts. Collect enough and it might pay off.

Rare 9 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 0z

Dual Blades Tigrex Claws LV6 x1
Dual Blades Blazing Wyvern Lovers LV8 x1
Dual Blades Lobster Crushers LV8 x1
Dual Blades Dual Kut-Ku Kut-Ku LV9 x1
Dual Blades Rufio Kingfish LV2 x1
Charge Blade Tigrex Blade LV6 x1
Charge Blade Pure Veil LV8 x1
Charge Blade Bonebreaker Veil LV11 x1
Charge Blade Malefico Veil LV7 x1
Charge Blade Ceanataur Nadegiri LV8 x2
Charge Blade Belobog's Scythe LV6 x2
Insect Glaive Volant LV11 x1
Insect Glaive Shadow Walker LV6 x2
Hunting Horn Kut-Ku Tempestoso LV9 x1
Hunting Horn Energetic Bagpipe LV9 x1
Hunting Horn Heavy Bone Horn LV11 x1
Hunting Horn Parahazard Call LV5 x1
Hunting Horn Silver Giaprey Horn LV8 x1
Hunting Horn Khezu Keen LV7 x1
Hunting Horn Zurogong Tertio LV8 x1
Hunting Horn Twinshell Castanet LV8 x1
Hunting Horn Grand Dodotto Horn LV7 x1
Heavy Bowgun Heroic Seltas Cannon LV5 x3
Heavy Bowgun Ceanataur Blaster LV5 x2
Heavy Bowgun Torrentcaster LV5 x2
Heavy Bowgun Trypophobia LV8 x2
Heavy Bowgun Galaxy Cannon LV7 x1
Heavy Bowgun Ratatat Drumcannon LV5 x2
Heavy Bowgun Buster Lancera LV6 x1
Light Bowgun Tail Launcher LV7 x1
Light Bowgun Bullet Storm (Blood) LV5 x2
Light Bowgun Bullet Storm (Azure) LV6 x2
Light Bowgun Bullet Storm (Viper) LV6 x2
Light Bowgun Hornet's Nest LV5 x3
Light Bowgun Battalion Strafer LV5 x1
Light Bowgun Royal Tempest LV8 x2
Light Bowgun Daimyo Crusher LV7 x1
Light Bowgun Raid Conga LV5 x2
Long Sword Serrated Chasm LV11 x1
Long Sword Tigrine Need LV6 x1
Long Sword Wyvern Blade "Garnet" LV7 x2
Long Sword Arzuros Telltail LV8 x2
Long Sword Anteka Cry LV7 x1
Long Sword Shogun Gouger LV5 x2
Long Sword Shadow Nershriek LV6 x2
Great Sword Bone Splitter LV11 x1
Great Sword Massive Jawblade LV9 x1
Great Sword Blade of Tartarus LV8 x1
Great Sword Tigrex Great Sword LV6 x1
Great Sword Ascendance LV7 x1
Great Sword Ceanataur Scythe LV8 x2
Great Sword Saffron Serpentroar LV9 x1
Great Sword Shadow Nercleave LV6 x2
Sword & Shield Serpent Soul LV9 x1
Sword & Shield Asp Bite LV8 x1
Sword & Shield High Ifrit LV8 x1
Sword & Shield Spinal Pick LV9 x1
Sword & Shield Tigrex Sword LV6 x1
Sword & Shield Bonebreaker Tabar LV7 x1
Sword & Shield Cocksure Compatriots LV8 x1
Sword & Shield Shadow Nerwrithe LV6 x2
Sword & Shield Bloodsquama Sword LV2 x2
Hammer Tigrex Hammer LV6 x1
Hammer Devastation LV8 x1
Hammer Royal Lobstrosity LV7 x3
Hammer Cataclysmic Portent LV8 x1
Hammer Atlas Crusher LV9 x1
Hammer Skullsploder LV8 x1
Hammer Ceanataur Chopper LV7 x1
Hammer Bag o' Booms LV7 x1
Hammer Retribution Hammer LV8 x1
Hammer Kut-Ku Kaboom LV9 x1
Hammer Shadow Nerdirge LV5 x1
Lance Tigrex Lance LV6 x1
Lance Exadrill Lance LV8 x1
Lance Brutal Tusk LV5 x1
Lance Master Piercer LV8 x2
Bow Archfeather Bow LV9 x3
Switch Axe Audacious Hatchet LV8 x1
Switch Axe Exoskeleton Hacker LV7 x1
Switch Axe Powerhouse Gasher LV7 x1
Switch Axe Emperor Bruiser Axe LV7 x1
Gunlance Traditional Gunlance LV11 x1
Gunlance Tigrex Gunlance LV6 x1
Gunlance Demonic Blizzard LV7 x1
Gunlance Shadow Nercusp LV6 x2

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